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Authentic from Jember

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Have a Distinctive Taste
The taste offered by Jember Arabica coffee is better than coffee in general. The aroma of this coffee is also more distinctive and special. To get arabica coffee with the best taste we process this coffee very well and this coffee is called -kopijember.-


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Here are the various benefits of coffee for women:
1. Warding off cancer
Compounds contained in coffee can reduce cancer cells in the mouth and teeth, because coffee has a good antibacterial and anti-seal content.
Coffee also counteracts plaque growth in teeth, prevents cavities, and infections of the gums.
Drinking filtered coffee can also lower the risk of breast cancer in adulthood (under 49 years), and decrease the risk of breast cancer of senior age (more than 55 years).
2. Refresh the body
Caffeine in coffee stimulates the nervous system, resulting in active heart performance, improved blood circulation especially in the brain, as well as providing more oxygen.
The impact of regular coffee drinking will make us feel fitter and can think better.
3. Avoid depression
Research in the UK has shown that depression can be reduced by up to 20% in women who drink coffee compared to those who are rare or not at all.
Dopamine and serotonin released by caffeine into the brain provide a ‘happy effect’ for its drinkers.
4. Reduce headaches
If the head is resting, try drinking a cup of bitter coffee. Coffee provides a calming effect of migraines or headaches.
When headaches occur, the brain vessels widen the pain receptors. Blood pressure and heart rate increase the pressure on the walls of blood vessels.
Caffeine can cause narrowing of blood vessels in the brain, thus draining blood faster and preventing pain relief. A cup of coffee can relieve migraine headaches.
5. Helps lose weight
Although weight does not drop significantly, caffeine content can help suppress appetite or prevent weight gain.
Most women who drink coffee admitted, the feeling of satiety due to drinking coffee often makes it stay full and so lazy to eat.